New Tails.

Client Moderna
Services Digital Experiences
Expertise Art Direction 3D / Motion Graphics Virtual Showrooms
Industry Retail


A collaboration between Yondr and Moderna gave birth to a brand new 3D baby! Moderna, an innovative manufacturer of plastic products for pets is, to us, a dream client come true: innovative, forward-thinking and adventurous. They came to us mid-pandemic. A lockdown, you say? No problem, they said. To replace the experience of a fair that got cancelled, we built a digital booth for them with a strong focus on usability, design and interactivity. It’s like you’re actually there—except there were no after-drinks.


Life doesn’t end after the fair, and neither do sales. So the next hurdle Moderna had to take was sales people unable to travel and meetings taking place online. What’s the problem? Well, try having a serious Zoom meeting while presenting a cat litter box in front of the camera in your home office. Luckily, ‘problem’ isn’t even a word in the Moderna dictionary, or in ours for that matter. So we turned that frown upside down by building a web app where you can admire the entire new collection, in 3D. This time with a better backdrop than the salespersons’ (dirty) laundry room.

“The platform is a harmonious coming together of three different parties, each excelling in their domain. So it’s fair to say that teamwork made the dream work”.

– Chantal Saelen, Managing Director


Heavy in content,
light in experience

The web app is available and ultra-intuitive both on desktop and mobile—a smart choice and standard requirement, if you ask us. To keep the performance as high as the quality of the 3D models, we decided to work with three.js. The reaction speed is top-notch while running over four product lines, with more than five products, visualising all options, colours and types. 

A product generator has to be intuitive, clutter-free and built with user experience front and centre. Heavy in content, light in experience. Just the way we like it. The backdrop for each product line is a life-like environment, supportive of the content, making the situation recognisable for the wholesaler—which is key for consumer engagement. Carriers under the carport, litter boxes in the living room and a feeder in the kitchen.


On to the next

Moments after going live, the future was already luring us in. More products? Higher performance? More canvasses to show these creations on? Why not all three? Maybe we can even push the interactive aspect a bit further. Personalised litter box, anyone? Working with Moderna is beyond basic. It’s fun, it’s adventurous, it’s right up our alley. On to the next!

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