House of HR
Uniting in VR.

Client House of HR
Services Metaverse Virtual Reality
Expertise 3D / Motion Graphics Virtual Worlds Virtual Events
Industry HR


House of HR approached us with two questions. Does HR have a future in the metaverse? And could we build it for them? We had one answer: yes! We built a virtual world for the House of HR to stand proud and reach for the future. Being one of the most significant players in HR, the company already has an empire in the real world. Common sense told them if everybody moves to the metaverse, so should they. Right they were. We’re seeing a lot of virtualisation in HR. Onboarding, training, and meetings are already being held in virtual worlds.


The virtual House of HR had to have a laid-back vibe, with a hint of Ibiza, yet feel a bit more quirky and surprising. Every virtual room had to have its own particular purpose, and the visual identity had to match that purpose seamlessly. Together, all these rooms were to form a coherent whole, just like all the different specialities and branches of the House of HR unite into a whole, under one roof.


All for innovation, efficiency, and fun.

Sometimes you’re just lucky with clients, especially when they know what they want and why. During an off-site company event in Iceland, the virtual House of HR was presented and enthusiastically received by key players in the company. They are all for innovation, efficiency and, of course, fun. But maybe next time, they won't have to fly to Iceland to gather. 


Happy rebels
leading the way.

Building buildings in bits and bytes is what we do best. The virtual House of HR was built in Altspace, a Microsoft platform, and is only accessible to their employees. We designed this house to be used. This is not some gimmick; there’s room for meetings, there are games to play, and plenty of space to meet and interact. The house has an eighties Miami beach pink-green-yellow thing going on, very Take On Me. Spread throughout the house, pieces of art can be found, giving it a modern, avant-garde twist. And there’s a basketball court. Because every house needs a basketball court.

A lot of things are moving in the world of HR, including virtual onboarding, remote meetings, and the need to feel connected in every conversation, however digital it may be. Gen Z is moving to the virtual world as we speak, so we need to move with them. The House of HR knows a thing or two about how to foster a healthy company culture, they rightfully call themselves ‘Happy Rebels’. Now they will elaborate on the innovative part of culture and go where their future recruits or staff are if they want to guard their position in the market. They know this and are leading the way. 

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