JBC World
Vibing with CAMILLE.

Client JBC
Services Digital Experiences Metaverse
Expertise Video Production 3D / Motion Graphics Metaverse Virtual Worlds
Industry Retail


Some customers are just too good to be true. There’s no strict briefing, no rules to follow. Basically, the sky is the limit of our imagination. Enter JBC. This Belgian fashion brand has a reputation of experimenting, of taking leaps forward to stay ahead of the curve. So when they noticed all the kids spending time in Roblox, gaming their time away, they had to act on that knowledge. They wanted a virtual presence of their own. In comes yondr. What started with some crazy ‘What if’ talks, ended with us building an entire virtual world for JBC in Roblox.


For the launch, none other than superstar CAMILLE will be performing in the JBC world, while here in the real world, JBC’s new collection hits the stores. Kids can join in, play games, score points, swap those for CAMILLE x JBC outfits and dance to the catchy tunes of their idol. Or even dance with CAMILLE. As a rule, no money will be involved. Everything is according to the play-to-earn principle, keeping it as inclusive as possible for all kids to join in. JBC has set a pretty cool example here, going where their audience goes, moving with the world. 


Running an extremely tight ship

As we said, the client was just the kind we like—but the timing wasn’t. Everything ASAP. So we ran an extremely tight ship and with biweekly status meetings, solid planning and some extra resources we made it happen.

A big thank you to the team, they truly deserve the credit for building this crazy kids universe. The future will likely hold more collaborations, as JBC wants to continue building on their virtual presence.

"Very happy with the partnership! Throughout the entire process, they went the extra mile to make us smile! The result is something we are very proud of and we can't wait to see the happy faces of our customers visiting the JBC World."

– Heleen Vanhoudt, Partnership Coördinator JBC


Channeling our inner child

We did a lot of brainstorming on the design—this world needed to match the dreams of young boys and girls. We channelled our inner child and invented a magical world, with waterfalls and giant balloons and mushrooms and diamond-shaped bridges. Anything’s possible here. After the design was approved, we built the world, almost brick per brick, shaping it in 3D. This little piece of art was then added to the Roblox universe, an ever-expanding virtual realm.

To create a qualitative avatar for CAMILLE we booked her for a motion capture session. She wore a special suit and danced her best moves in the Cyborn studio, where we did the MoCap. Modesty is a virtue, but to hell with it. The result is awesome! Her avatar dances, sings and performs as if she were the real thing. It’s not every day we get to rebuild a superstar in 3D.


No gimmick, but built to stay

Even when experimenting, JBC were looking at the long term. With 121K visits (and counting...), this world is no gimmick, no one-off, it’s built to stay, and it’s here to stay. The JBC Roblox world will be the venue for all future campaigns that want to reach the young ones. Christmas festivities? Fashion week for kids? Dressing your avatar up for carnival?

Or a little school’s-out-for-summer rave? You name it, they can host it. A collection launch will never be the same again and JBC knows it. We can’t ignore the virtual reality of our society. Especially for the new generations. The metaverse is here, people.

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