Tomorrow Is Unstoppable.

Client Flanders DC
Services Digital Experiences
Expertise Art Direction
Industry Tech Fair


Supernova, is a tech event where visionary technologies, answers, and insights merge right before your eyes. It’s where game-changers and businesses of the future meet, and entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives connect to become inspired—and empowered. Good thing too, because tomorrow is unstoppable.


Sometimes it’s a gamble to take part in a first-time event, but what a good bet Supernova turned out to be. Visitors passing by our booth got dazzled by the world of Ruby Chocolate and were able to taste the debut of the fourth chocolate flavor for the first time in history. We don’t wave magic wands, but with VR, we can put our audience under a spell with future-forward technologies.


And there was more! At Supernova we debuted with our Port of the Future project, commissioned by the Port of Antwerp, for which we've won the Best Commercial Branded Entertainment award at VR FEST 2019. Over 30K Supernova attendees, tourists and visitors were given free admission to see our VR experience in a 22m dome next to the MAS over one weekend.

Besides that, we've set up multiple immersive booths for our clients Exellys and Bloovi & Bloovi Careers, giving their visitors a first-hand experience with VR. Supernova, was truly a one-of-a-kind visionary event and to top it all off, yondr was chosen to capture it all in their official after-movies.

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