Port of Antwerp.
The Port of the Future.

Client Port of Antwerp
Services Digital Experiences
Expertise Video Production 3D / Motion Graphics Immersive Events Projection Mapping
Industry Maritime


Bombed during the World War, now using innovation as a lever into the future. Let’s celebrate it, and celebrate it big. Think tech event, but the cool kind. Why not boast with all that we can do? So we thought, let’s smack a 10-foot dome down the middle of the Antwerp dock. Oh, and throw in some immersive VR constellations too. And just like that, we managed to highlight the port’s history, present and future in a planetarium-like experience. We don’t go home. We go big and then went SuperNova.


It’s all too easy to get lost in all the epistemic possibilities. The tech event needed to celebrate all the have-been’s, the already-there’s, the could-be’s. But how do we choose what to show? It was up to us to compress all this into one wholesome tale. It needed to be ready-to-believe for the visitor, a cohesive story of stories. How do we immerse them, without overwhelming them? The challenge appeared to be the make-believe, not the making-of.


Can we say, well-matched ping pong?

It’s magical when you match in vision, ideas and philosophy. Sometimes, it’s a dead-on match and we surf the waves together smoothly. There was a strict deadline to work with, so that called for a close collab. Efficient workflow and clear communication were quintessential. For every step along the way, we brought the right people to the table together with the client. It was a tight game of ping pong, but both players were all-in. Rome was not built in a day. Neither was SuperNova, but it was a close shave.

"Yondr most definitely gave it their all. And it showed. Their experience was a definite highlight of the Supernova weekend.”

– Joke Rommelaere, Media Desk Manager


Travel through time
and imagination

When you let us fold out our toolbox, we pull out the big toys.
Disneyland claims to be the most magical place on earth.
But then we made SuperNova happen. 

Using 360° VR technology, we built a sunken city to let visitors uncover long-gone times in the port of Antwerp. They are immersed by water, doused into a whole underwater world. Walking through it all, they travel through time and end up in the now, in the landmark that is Zaha Hadid’s port house. After that, we launch the visitor into cyberspace, where interconnected networks manifest overhead.

There are drones, cargo ships and people interlinked with each other. Like the port’s nervous system, if you will. In essence, we captivated the idea of a digital twin of the port and the city of Antwerp, unwithheld by the boundaries of time. The beauty lies within the fact that it all could be real. If we let it.

Take that, Walt.


An event that’s
the talk of the town

You know your party was a hit when it’s still the talk of the town even when it’s over. SuperNova resonated with both visionaries and revivalists. And our VR-strategies gave them just the ammunition they needed to envision futures for the city’s port. Igniting imagination? Yes please.

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