Sleepy soft in Spatial.

Client Nyxoah
Services Digital Experiences Metaverse
Expertise 3D / Motion Graphics Metaverse Virtual Worlds
Industry Healthcare


If everybody had a good night’s sleep every single night, the world would be a better place, right? Nyxoah’s thoughts exactly. Nyxoah’s vision is to improve lives through restful nights, especially for people suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. While their mission seems simple enough, their solution requires some explanation. Hand gestures and drawings included. Something easily solved by adding an extra dimension. That’s why they approached us to virtualize their product and story for future customers and potential investors.


A fast-growing company, Nyxoah had some internal changes and upgrades on their agenda, like a new ERP system. All change is hard, so they were looking for some sugar to make the medicine go down. We invented, designed and built a sleepy soft virtual world on Spatial, made of pink clouds and bubbly beds. The Nyxoah world has a bar where visitors come together, a sleep lab and an operation room to give patients an idea of the procedure. 


Enjoy the pastel paradise

The Nyxoah worlds in Spatial are turning out to be an established communication tool, both for internal and external use. This opens opportunities for things like upcoming fairs, where the VR-headsets can intensify the visitor experience. Visiting the world is as easy as visiting www.google.com. No login, no heavy applications or two-factor authentication. You surf, you enter, you enjoy the pastel paradise called Nyxoah. 

A pastel paradise we could invent in all freedom. Nyxoah is an innovative company at its core, which translates into a love for freedom and technology. They basically gave us carte blanche with some trust on top. The perfect cocktail for a successful collaboration and fancy looking result.


From ERP to Virtual Collaboration

It started as an ERP-motivated project, but today Nyxoah also use this world for coffee time with teams from Israel, the US, and Belgium. They also added content to inform potential customers, showcasing videos, testimonials, and illustrated info about the technicalities of their product. Seeing the potential, they went on to make a replica of their world with specialized and condensed content for potential investors, with the possibility to hold meetings as well.

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