Client Sandos
Services Virtual Reality
Expertise Art Direction Augmented Reality Design
Scientific Storytelling

Bringing medical and
scientific concepts to life

Virtual Reality has opened up a new world of communication for the pharmaceutical industry. Communicating complex biomedical processes in a visually engaging, informative way and bridging the gap between scientifically accurate information and beautiful awe-inspiring animations.


Simplifying complex mechanisms

Virtual reality can take the viewer inside the human body, making information even more graspable. Imagine blood cells floating near you, and following a drug's journey through various parts of the body. It makes complicated scientific topics more interesting and engaging, providing the viewer with complete knowledge after experiencing this rich and memorable experience.

XR Experiences

Medical Device &
Diagnostics animation

Being able to captivate and engage is vital when it comes to pharmaceutical marketing and sales. Effective use of time is essential as sales representatives have minimal time with healthcare professionals (HCPs). Competing for a physician’s time and attention is a huge obstacle for successful pharmaceutical marketing. VR allows the sales representative to have a lasting impact with the HCP and allows the science to be communicated accurately and efficiently, with key details worked into the VR experience so that they no longer have to be reeled off in a traditional sales pitch.

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