We Shrunk The Metaverse Into Workshops

Mar 13, 2022 - min read min read


This is yondr speaking. Or rather—it’s VRTL.
Say hi to our Metaverse Academy.

Never mind what you’ve done for the metaverse. Our question is: what can the metaverse do for you? Is it your chance to get down and dirty with NFTs? To get gaming? To straighten out your Web3 strategy?

Maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever the answer, you’ll have it at the end of this workshop. Because you don’t want to be a metaverse observer. No. What you want is to be a Metaverse Maker.

A three-day workshop from 27-29 June 2022 that will make you sweat. All myths debunked and a blueprint of actions to be undertaken in your hands afterwards, that’s how we help you future-proof your brand and business. We pick a remote and energizing location where you’ll learn about Web3 and how exactly all that Metaverse talk will affect your company. Because it will.

You give us three days of your time, we’ll show you the perks and the opportunities of this virtual world and economy. And send you off with the most fun to-do-list you’ve ever had.